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The Most Important Thing Your Hair Desires is

Your hair desires only one thing to be healthy and it's moisture, and with adequate moisture, all other aspects of hair styling, coloring, treatment and management become relatively simple.

At Crevnaturals, our only focus is the fundamental health of your hair, which is why we are fanatical about the inner processes of your scalp, follicles, hair roots and shaft, and of course your edges.

We combine our protective hairstyle service, with carefully forumlated natural products to nurture and protect your natural growth patterns, including your edges, while making you look good.


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Hair-Centric Tools for Natural Black Hair

Repair . Restore .Revive

Stronger, thicker hair Activation 

Our 4 Step Process to Restoring Damaged Hair

Detangle. Treat. Condition. Moisturize


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A pre-wash de-tangler for natural textured hair and any braided or protective hairstyle. Simplifies and eases up the take-down process of braids after being locked in a pattern for lengthy periods. 



A light, water-based mist spray which acts as a daily leave-in conditioner. Stimulates the moisture needed to keep hair soft and refreshed all day. A great management tool for Multi-textured African hair types.


A non-greasy moisturizer built with root rejuvenation and extensive moisture absorbing technology - formulated to trap moisture in your hair continuously, thereby protecting it from dryness and brittleness while enhancing softness


An Intensive natural Protein Treatment kit formulated to revive and restore elasticity and sturdiness to limp or weak hair. This product reforms and awakens your natural curl patterns. 

Our goal is to give you a stylish look while ensuring your hair remains healthy, thick and strong. We are passionate and meticulous about protecting your roots and your edges, while giving you the hairstyle that's just for you.

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Rice Water Conditioning 

A natural rice plus water conditioner found to enhance growth and stimulate additional moisture.

*Moisture Retention

*Hair Conditioner 

*Softner & Growth Stimulator


Suitable for Multi-textured African Hair Types

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