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Great tip! Moisture is indeed crucial for healthy hair. It helps with growth, styling, and overall hair care. Make sure to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized to achieve the best results.

At Crevnaturals, we believe that healthy hair is beautiful hair. That's why our process focuses on restoring moisture, boosting hair health, and improving the range of hairstyles you can achieve. Let us guide you through the journey to healthier, more beautiful hair.

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What We Do



Looking for natural and organic hair care products that actually work? Look no further than our line of hair care tools. Our ingredients are naturally sourced and designed to promote healthy hair growth, so you can feel confident in your natural beauty. Try our tools today and see the difference for yourself!



Great natural hair management is all about knowing when and how to DIY your hair. Our tutorials provide valuable insights, tips, and advice to help you win the battle and achieve the best results. Explore our content and discover the secrets to healthy, beautiful hair.

 Our Hair

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Bring your hair back to life with 4 simple steps



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Detangle. Treat. Condition. Moisturize.

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When a client comes to us with damaged and or traumatized hair, we usually recommend the FAB4 process to restore their hair to it's original state. It never fails!

What the FAB4 is made up of

A pre-wash detangler for natural textured hair and any braided or protective hairstyle. Simplifies and eases up the take-down process of braids after being locked in a pattern for lengthy periods. 



A light, water-based mist spray which acts as a daily leave-in conditioner. Stimulates the moisture needed to keep hair soft and refreshed all day. A great management tool for Multi-textured hair types.


A non-greasy moisturizer built with root rejuvenation and extensive moisture absorbing technology - formulated to trap moisture in your hair continuously, thereby protecting it from dryness and brittleness while enhancing softness


An Intensive natural Protein Treatment kit formulated to revive and restore elasticity and sturdiness to limp or weak hair. This product reforms and awakens your natural curl patterns. 

Hair Centric Tools
for Natural Hair

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Repair. Restore. Revive.

GET stronger and thicker hair

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Join the Rice Water
Conditioning Movment 

Natural rice water infused with hair conditioners. Enhances growth and stimulates additional moisture.

  • Moisture Retention

  • Hair Conditioner 

  • Softner & Growth Stimulator

Suitable for Multi-textured Hair Types

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