*Helps make perfect lines while braiding - Perfect lines create perfect braids
*Easy to clean

*Easy to sharpen

2pcs ILARUN / African Parting Comb

  • Peculiar to the African culture is the art of hair braiding. One of the most commonly used tools when executing any of these braiding or protective styles is the three tooth pick. Among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria it is popularly known as the ILARUN which literally means HAIR PARTING COMB or HAIR CUTTING COMB. It is effective for taking down any braided or protective styles. Also, it double roles as a ‘sectioning clip’ while the style is being done.A must have for Braiders and Protective hair stylists

Very clean, good smelling nice atmosphere place, so not ghetto!! Love it. ... read more here


-Christine Dillon

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