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This packet features our popular products in smaller sizes. Designed to allow in carryon baggage.
2 oz. Crave Moisturizing Cream
2 oz. Crush Mist Spray
2 oz. Cruiser Detangler

0.33 oz. Groom Serum

ILARUN / African Parting Comb

Peculiar to the African culture is the art of hair braiding. One of the most commonly used tools when executing any of these braiding or protective styles is the three tooth pick. Among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria it is popularly known as the ILARUN which literally means HAIR PARTING COMB or HAIR CUTTING COMB. It is effective for taking down any braided or protective styles. Also, it double roles as a ‘sectioning clip’ while the style is being done.A must have for Braiders and Protective hair stylists

Natural Body Butter

The CREVNATURALS' Naturals Body Butter helps minimize the appearance of excessive skin dryness by promoting hydration. It is moderately whipped, but with a smooth texture, and easy to absorb. Also, great for the Afro-Kinky natural hair.

CRUISE Hair Detangler

This detangler is formulated to ease up the stress of pre-wash detangling especially for, but not limited to a natural textured hair; and the take-down process for any kind of braided hair styles, after it has been worn for a lengthy period of time. Typically, hair locked into a braided pattern of any kind would have formed a considerable amount of debris, which makes the take-down process a painful experience for most people. However, with the help of our Cruiser detangler, it’s a breeze.

CIPT - Crevnaturals Intensive Protein Treatment

This Intensive ALL Natural Protein Treatment (CIPT) DIY is formulated to revive and restore elasticity and sturdiness to limp or weak hair. This product reforms and enhances your God given curl pattern.

CRUSH Hair Conditioning Spray

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CRAVE Hair Moisturizing Cream

The CRAVE Hair Moisturizing Cream is designed with an extensive moisture absorbing technology. It is formulated to trap moisture into your hair; protecting it from dryness and brittleness; hence, projecting a beautifully textured hair – luscious and healthy. In addition CRAVE has the ability to enhance softening, root rejuvenating, and overall manageability.

GROOM Hair Serum

This hairline & root serum acts as a daily stimulant especially for hair follicles across the hair line as well as all over the head.
It helps increase hair porosity, hence, aiding in promoting visible enhancements.
*Suitable for ALL hair types - Male and Female alike.



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