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How Rice Water aids in hair care  and prevents hair loss, plus questions and remedies

  • Crevnaturals Business Pracitces during COVID-19
    Unfortunately COVID19 has made it's way to our communities and impacted our lives in ways we would rather not have. We are happy to inform you that none of our staff have had any exposure to the virus. At crevnaturals our common practice has always been to maintain a level of cleanliness that will ensure our clients' safety, however, we will be taking it up a notch during this period. While being served, you will notice us spraying down our working and waiting areas, as well as bathroom, with the CDC's recommended Isopropyl Alcohol - a safe form of disinfectant. We never share tools amongst clients; as it is customary for us to wash and disinfect our combs with TDLR's recommended EPA Barbicide. To be in compliance with government officials, we recommend that only the person being served should show up for their appointment, in order to maintain the right head count within our premises at all times. We accomodate 10 or less persons within the premises at every given time. If a parent needs to accompany a child, please let us know in advance, so we can adjust our capacity to accomodate you appropriately. We have only 3 workstations, and will only serve 2 people at a time, till further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will work as fast as possible to get everyone sorted. We promise to stay home if we are sick and we ask that you would do the same. We strive to continue to look out for our clients' well being, while we all hope and pray with great expectations that this attack from this viral strain will pass sooner than later... by God's grace. We remain open for business and look forward to serving you soon. Prayers and blessings from Crevnaturals' Salon Sincerely, Ms. Grace
  • How should I prepare my hair for braiding?
    We offer shampoo services: Shampoo Services;- Preparatory Services, but if you would rather do your own, we prefer that you already have your hair shampooed and conditioned (healthy practices). We will blow dry for you FREE. However be sure to be thoroughly detangled - If we detangle, there will be an additional $10 or more charge. Please DO NOT apply any form of oil, grease, or oilly leave in conditioners to hair before coming to us; but you can bring your preferred products with you - for appllication after desired style has been completed. Note: If you have oil or grease or excessive moisturizer in your hair, we may have to wash it out, and that will incur an additional $20 in service fee.
  • How long should I keep my braids in?
    The recommendation varies per braid style. Cornrow styles: Grecian on natural hair texture – 1 to 2 weeks’ life expectancy Grecian on permed hair texture – 3 to 4 weeks’ life expectancy Large cornrows – 3 to 5 weeks’ life expectancy Medium cornrows – 4 to 6 weeks’ life expectancy Small cornrows – 6 to 8 weeks’ life expectancy Single braids or twist styles: Large size - 4 to 6 weeks’ life expectancy Medium size - 6 to 10 weeks’ life expectancy Small size - 8 to 12 weeks’ life expectancy Disclaimer: these estimations are not guaranteed on every client, but are based on experiential projections derived from clients.
  • Can I wash my braids?
    Yes you may, especially if you have a coarse hair texture. ​However, our recommendation for natural textured or fine textured hair is to stay away from a wet shampoo and go for the dry shampoo. You can buy dry shampoo at Sally Beauty
  • Do I bring my own hair or do you supply hair?
    We do supply some hair for an additional cost, but not all types of hair, so we advise that you contact us to find out prior to your appointment day
  • Do you have a preferred hair type for Box braids or Senegalese/Kinky twist?
    Yes! We provide pre-stretched hair at the shop for purchase @ $7/pack However if you prefer to purchase on your own we recommend the following: 1. For regular length single braids - Short Pre-stretched 100% Kanekalon, no longer than 18 inches. ​2. For Cornrows and long single braids - Long Pre-stretched Example: Ruwa 3x African Collection Hair by Sensationnel 3. For Kinky twist please request pictures of our preferred hair NOTE: For hair that requires stretching, a charge of $5 dollars per pack applies.
  • Do you do kid's hair?
    Yes but from 8 years old and up; however we may be able to work with younger kids whose maturity level has been proven.
  • How many braiders will be working on me?
    In order to maintain our low pricing, there will be one guaranteed braider per client; however arrangements can be made for two braiders for an additional fee of 25% of the service cost.
  • Do you take down hair?
    Yes! Please refer to SERVICE Preparatory Services - list for details
  • Do you do braid touch-up?
    Yes! Also, we strongly recommended to get a touch up (2 rows) around the edges instead of wearing your single braids or twist styles through to the maximum recommended period. This will help protect your edges from unnecessary trauma.
  • Do you offer complimentary wash before braiding?
    No! But we do offer a pre-hairdo wash and blow dry - See Services.
  • What if I am not satisfied with my hairdo?
    DO NOT TAKE IT DOWN before having a conversation with us about possible fixes. Even though we ensure client satisfaction before you exit the premise, we also understand that the client may have second thoughts regarding the style of choice. We DO NOT REFUND any service monies, however we will work with you as reasonably as possible to help attain a more affordable option considering the circumstances.
  • Contact Us
    12289 West Houston Center Blvd. Suite A-1 Houston TX 77082 (832) 623-9311 ​
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