"There's no Place like Home"

There is nowhere like home" was one of my favorite things to say when I was growing up in Nigeria, however that has since changed. "Home is where the heart is" has become my new song, for my heart did find a new home and place of rest in the United States of America. To this, I give God glory!
I was in my second year of college (1992) pursuing a dual bachelor's degree in Chemistry Education, when I established my first hair salon. I took an opportunity to put into practice something for which I had great passion. I think I was about seven or eight years old when I discovered I could braid hair after a few minutes of observing someone do it. It took some convincing to get my Mom to volunteer her hair, but thankfully she did, and what I was able to do, blew her mind but made me know that I had a gift. Now, convincing my girlfriends was another story. I was so excited because I was finally able to showcase the skills I had been executing behind closed doors. And the journey began...

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The Way
We Are

At Crevnaturals we take pride in creating a warm and cozy environment that feels like home away from home.


When you walk in the door, you become family and never have to worry about being properly cared for because LOVE is our watchword. 


We ensure this through our best practices of gentle and tender hair touch to complement your overall beauty. No matter your preference - your satisfaction is our mandate.


You are guaranteed to experience passion, care, creativity, and most especially one-on-one attention in order to meet our insatiable desire to build lasting relationships with everyone who walks in, as well as with our community at large.

Furthermore, our priority is the health of your hair so we keep abreast of the best and appropriate professional hair care products along with trending concepts in the hair and beauty industry.


*We do take the time to educate clients on best home maintenance practices.*


When you step out of our premise, you will be an enhanced version of yourself – “A beauty to behold.